Ashley Evans
Mobile Licensed Massage Therapist MA89700

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does mobile massage work?

A: The therapist brings all supplies associated with your massage to your location. We supply the table, sheets, lotion, and music. All we need from the client is room for the table, which is 6.5'x3' and to be able to comfortably move around the table. 

Q: Can I use my own supplies?

A: Yes. Some clients choose to use their own sheets. Some clients also have their own table. The table owned by the client may have to be adjusted for the therapist.

Q: Can I use my own lotion, cream, oil, or gel?

A: It's at the discretion of the therapist. Some therapist are allergic to certain agents and may have a reaction to unknown  ingredients. So to keep themselves healthy and safe, they may decline to use your personal lotion. 

Q:  I'm highly sensitive to fragrances and scents. Is the lotion used unscented? 

A: Yes. All products used are hypoallergenic. No fragrance is added to the lotion.

Q: Is there any paper work associated with the massage?

A: Yes. Go to the helpful forms page and print the intake and consent forms. Have the paper work filled out to completion upon the therapist's arrival.

Q:Do I really need to tell my therapist about my medications?

A: Yes. Certain medications have an adverse effect on the massage. Communicating all conditions, previous injuries, and medications are vital to a safe and effective massage session.

Q:What do I wear for my massage session?

A:1)Some people begin in robes, work out attire, lounge wear, and an everyday wardrobe. For a typical massage, you will disrobe to your comfort level. The therapist will exit the room so you can privately get on the table and underneath the sheet.

   2) If you are getting a massage with a focus on stretching, athletic shorts, tights, and sports bra are strongly recommended. 

Q: The pressure isn't right, but I don’t want to seem picky or rude, what should I do?

A: Communicate with your therapist. Communication is essential in delivering a properly tailored massage. We encourage feedback so you can have a benefical session.

Q: When does my time begin?

A: After the massage table is set up, all forms are signed and reviewed, and the therapist informs you that she is ready to begin the session.  

Q: Can I tip?

A: Tipping is always appreciated, but is not necessary. 

Q: Does leaving a review for the business actually help?

A: Yes. When people are searching for a therapist, they often go online to search for options. The more reviews, the more reputable the company seems, increasing the likelihood of the potential client reaching out.